The sun is shining today and life is good.  I continue to be thankful for this opportunity to be part of the RIT & RGHS Alliance.  Everyday I seem to learn something new, and I am  even more appreciative of the the critical work of  the healthcare industry.  The people I’ve met, both administrators and care providers, are truly committed to compassionate and quality care for their patients.   Healthcare is not just about the care providers, however.  Engineering processes, scientific discoveries and technology innovations are also providing opportunities for smarter, safer, more efficient care.  As partners in the Alliance, RIT and RGHS have been working together on a number of fronts, and the most recent and visible collaboration took place earlier this month–The RIT and RGHS Alliance Reception and Poster Session.  This event showcased more than 30 posters presented by faculty, students, physicians and staff of both RIT and RGHS.   Fourteen of the posters were for collaborative projects between RIT and RGHS researchers who are working together to find new processes, new technologies, or scientific innovations to improve the cost, quality, and safety of healthcare delivery, and  to improve the health of our community.  Other posters were presented to educate and promote possible future collaborations.   The crowded Atrium of the hospital was abuzz  with activity,  stimulating conversations and networking.  To see a little snippet of the event, check out this YouTube video http://www.youtube.com/user/RITUniversityNews#p/u/1/xylycxh61Xc


Congratulations to the Co-PI’s on receiving RIT & RGHS Alliance Seed Funding Awards in the latest round.   All teams consist of members from both RIT and RGHS and include physicians,  faculty, and staff.   Since the inception of the Alliance Seed Funding program last spring, 14 collaborative projects have been funded.  Many of the projects will be showcased at the Reception and Poster Session at RGHS on March 14.  For more information, call 475-4017 or email cindee.gray@rochestergeneral.org.  Following are the  funded projects:

  • Bishoy Faltas, Steven Day, Anthony Harkin, Edward Furlani, Siyang Zheng:  Feasibility of using a modified IVC filter as an in-vivo magnetic bio-separation device to capture circulating tumor cells to prevent systemic cancer metastases using magnetic nano-particles.
  • Kathleen Lamkin-Kennard, Elizabeth DeBartolo, Richard Barbano:  For design of a pneumatically actuated robotic assistive device for patients with foot drop.
  • Lea Vacca Michel, Michael Pichichero, Leslie Kate Wright:   To dentifya P6-like protein as a vaccine candidate against nontypable Haemophilus influenza, a cause of otitis media or ear infections in children.
  • Patricia Newcomb and Sumita Mishra:  To establish novel methods of monitoring labor in electrohysterography.
  • Andreas Savakis, Gary Behm, Gwen Sterns:  To develop and evaluate a personal imaging system using smart phone technology (the Android system) to display information within a user’s visual field.
  • Wayne Walter, William Spath, Michael Leit, Steven Posnick: To design, build and test an artificial bicep arm muscle prototype by integrating electroactive polymers to mimic how a human bicep muscle is composed of multiple types of muscle fibers.
  • Anahita Williamson and Wayne Morton:  To develop and deliver training to Rochester General Hospital on the environmental and economic benefits of improved waste segregation.

This just in….In case you were on the fence about whether or not to attend the Alliance Reception and Poster Session on March 14, this may help you decide.   The event will now kickoff  at 5pm with a special presentation on disaster relief in Haiti, from both the medical and technological perspectives of Dr. Ralph Pennino, Interim Chief of Surgery at RGHS and President of Intervol, along with Jan Van Aardt, Associate Professor, RIT, Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science, Digital Imagaing and Remote Sensing Group.   The event will be held in the Twig Auditorium at Rochester General Hospital.  You won’t want to miss this!  For additional information, email marpro@rit.edu or call 475-4017.

Save the Date!

Mark your calendars for Monday, March 14, 5:30-7:30 at RGH Atrium, for a reception and poster session for RIT Faculty and RGHS Physicians.  Not only will this event offer an opportunity for physicians and faculty to network, but it is also designed to educate each other regarding research interests and accomplishments and to spur further collaborations through the Alliance. Watch for further details and an announcement of the latest round of seed funding awards!

More than 50 Rochester community leaders made their way through gusts of snow, traffic jams and fender-benders to attend the third speaker in the RIT and RGHS Innovations in Health Care Delivery and Design series at 7:30 a.m. on December 7.   It was well worth their efforts to hear Patrick Geraghty, president and CEO of BlueCross and BlueShield of Minnesota, speak about “Health Plan Partnerships Post-Health Care Reform” at the Center for Student Innovation.  He is definitely an innovative leader, as evidenced by the tremendous collaborations and community health initiatives he and Excellus BlueCross and BlueShield have championed in Minnesota.  He provided much food for thought and most attendees left the session feeling invigorated and encouraged about the possibilities for creative solutions to the ever-rising healthcare costs and for improving the health of our community.

Click the link below to read the full story and let me know what you think!  http://www.rit.edu/news/story.php?id=47995

It’s always good to see new “healthy” connections between RIT and RGHS.   Healthcare providers from RGHS participated in the October 25th student health fair at RIT.   Students were able to get information and answers to questions in an informal and comfortable environment.  Thanks to representatives from RIT Student Health and the dental, mental health services and RGH breast cancer center for spending the day at RIT.   To read more  http://www.rochestergeneral.org/rochester-general-health-system/news-and-events/all-news-releases/press-releases-2010/15754001/

Announcing the next round of seed funding!

Last spring, the RIT & RGHS Alliance Joint Committee on Affiliation developed a funding opportunity to advance projects that enhance the  vision and goals of the Alliance–Capitalizing on the unique and special strengths of RIT and RGHS to innovate in medical care, education and research for the betterment of individuals in our institutions and the greater community.    To that end, seven projects were awarded, averaging $20,000 each.  To see a list of previously funded projects, click the link below or scroll down to my earlier blog announcing the funded projects. https://insidethealliance.wordpress.com/2010/07/22/seed-funding-awards-congratulations/

The Joint Committee on Affiliation is pleased to announce a second call for proposals for seed funding.  The deadline for this round of applications/proposals is November 30.  Funding awards will be announced in January.

All projects must ultimately result in a positive return such as an externally supported research program, a self-funded educational program, a cost reduction, quality services, or improved infrastructure.  Within the context of initiating such collaborations, RIT and RGHS personnel are invited to apply for:

·         Seed funding for a new project or phase of a project/program.

·         Funding to purchase equipment, supplies or infrastructure required to conduct a project/program.

·         Other projects/programs that with support can reasonably be expected to attract external funding in the future that supports the vision of the Alliance.

Seed funding is open to all RIT and RGHS personnel.  Proposals may come from any discipline or can be submitted for a service or education initiative, in addition to research projects.  ALL proposals must name at least one key participant from RIT and from RGHS as co-Principal Investigators or co-Project Directors.  Funding will not be awarded a second time for projects awarded in the first round. 

Application forms and information regarding Application Procedure and Review Process can be found at www.rit.edu/rghs.  Please share this with others in your college, department, division.   Completed proposals should be emailed to Mary Morrison Keyes at marpro@rit.edu by November 30.